50 Reasons To Prep

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50 Reasons To Prep When people look at me as if I’m crazy for ‘preparing for what may occur’, as if I’m wasting my time or nothing could possibly happen that would justify all the work, energy and money put into preparing, I think of all the people that have suffered through the hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, fires, mud slides, bombings, mass shootings, car... Read More

Review: Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less)

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Review: Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) I received a review copy of “Backyard Farming on an Acre” by Angela England and was more than pleasantly surprised as I started reading through this jam packed book. The book covers a multitude of topics and most everything you could think of when it comes to backyard farming (and what I call homesteading). Here is a general overview of all the... Read More

The Frankenstorm Approaches

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The Frankenstorm Approaches One of the biggest combination storms to hit the east coast in decades is hours away from slamming into our shores. The grocery store shelves are empty as are most hardware/home improvement stores. Thousands are evacuating their homes and thousands are boarding up and hunkering down to ride it out. This is one of the events I had in mind when I started... Read More

Bridge Building (On A Rainy Saturday)

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Bridge Building (On A Rainy Saturday) We built a bridge during the rain/storms Saturday. (Well got it started). We will have to wait until dryer days to finish it (adding the cement and the top part). We did manage to get the drainage pipes in place and covered enough – just in time for the downpour… (the picture you see of Doug in the water is us after it lets up a bit, hauling logs to... Read More

Are We Already At The Survival Crossroads?

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A nice little article by a fellow writer for APN helping those who are worried by the uncertainity of our times and overwhelmed by what to do to better prepare themselves for what is on the horizon. Check out — “Are We Already At The Survival... Read More

The Year Of The Famine

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It has been a rough year for our crops. Most of the fruit trees have dried up and not produced any fruit for us. The grapes barely got started when the extreme heat and lack of rain had them shriveling and dropping from their vines. We did get a few containers of blueberries before they surrendered to the intense heat and drought like conditions, but our... Read More

American Preppers Network

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American Preppers Network   I have been so side-tracked lately I let a love of mine slip to the wayside — Prepping and Homesteading. While I have been engaging in activities in both of these areas in my personal life, I have not been putting out the articles related to these topics like I should have been doing (instead of wasting time with petpardons).  But now... Read More

Top 10 Tips For Getting Started Prepping

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I was accepted as a guest writer for the very popular prepping site – “American Preppers Network”! If you haven’t checked out this site yet, you should, it’s filled with lots of good (and interesting) advice and tidbits. You can also check out my first article while you are there — “Top 10 Tips For Getting Started... Read More

Garden Preparation

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It’s that time of year again when we are eager to get outdoors and start digging in the earth – at least I am. I dread winters, which to me means bitter cold weather, shoveling snow, most days spent indoors and the worst part —- short, dark days. As the days begin to get longer, the crisp air a tad warmer and the critters more active, I... Read More

Spring Is Nature’s Rebirth

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While Autumn is my favorite season, Spring is a very inspirational and uplifting time for me. I am excited to get back outdoors, to dig in the earth, to be surprised by new blooms, to hear and see the wildlife come back in full force, and to know by the rebirth of all that surrounds me, that I too have the ability to be reborn, grow and prosper. The new... Read More